How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware has been around for many years. Most ransomware is unwittingly downloaded by the victim, usually as an attachment on a fake spam email. More recently particular strains of ransomware are instead spread over networks by targeting older versions of software that are more vulnerable. Computers running Windows XP are particularly vulnerable as that system hasn’t been supported for a long time by Microsoft. Don’t be lulled in to a false sense of security if you are running the latest versions, Windows 7 and 10 are still vulnerable if your systems don’t have the latest security patches which stop this software from spreading.

Once the ransomware is downloaded onto the affected computer it can sit dormant, but once activated it has the potential to spread to other machines on your network including servers. Once initiated it will then one by one encrypt your files to make them unusable, both on your computer and any network server shares. Some strains also have the ability to destroy your backups, so not only do you lose your files, but any ability to get them back. Many businesses have been seriously affected by these attacks, and there are a number of steps that you can take to protect your business….

  1. Ensure that you are running the latest versions of software and that these are fully up to date with updates and patches.
  2. Install the latest AntiVirus, AntiMalware and AntiSpam products and services and ensure these are fully up to date.
  3. Implement a Firewall to protect your office network from threats.
  4. Ensure you have a robust Backup Solution that protects your data whilst ensuring you can restore quickly. Ideally have more than one backup using different systems, so that you have both a quick restore (Onsite Backup) and a resilient system (Offsite / Cloud Backup).
  5. Be proactive and ensure that you have Monitoring and alerts on all of your systems, so that if an issue is found, you, or your IT Support Company can act upon it. The faster the response, the less the potential damage and disruption.
  6. Have an external Vulnerability Test completed – only then will you know where your security weaknesses are.

iSuite can provide you with a full suite of IT Security Solutions and Services to help keep your data safe. The only way to protect your business is to be constantly vigilant. Be wary of unsolicited Emails and unusual attachments, even if they appear to be from someone you know. Keeping on top of all your systems, servers and software can be a lot to take on for many Small and Medium Businesses. Our security experts can give all your systems a full inspection, carry out vulnerability testing to identify any vulnerabilities. We’ll then recommend and action required and help you put in a full plan of support and training.

If we can help you, please contact us for a free initial security assessment by calling 03333 44 10 12, or fill in our form below!

20 Ten London office move completed – with help from iSuite

Congratulations to our client 20 Ten Creative who successfully completed an office move to their new London office and were up and running again on Monday with a little help from iSuite. As part of the office move, we commissioned new Cabling, Server Room, Cisco Network, 72TB NAS Server, IP Telephony, IP CCTV and Wireless. We would like to wish 20 Ten all the best in their new office and continued success in the future.

Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint for Global Lingo

Global Lingo

iSuite has delivered a migration to Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft Sharepoint and Onedrive for specialist language translation and transcription company Global Lingo. The project required the setup, migration and training of over 40 users across multiple platforms and in multiple locations. Following the project iSuite has been selected to provide onsite and remote IT Support to users in Leeds, London, Romania and Singapore.

If you would like further information on how the latest technology solutions and IT Services can help your business please contact us today on 03333 44 10 12 for free advice and a no obligation business assessment, or fill out the contact form on the right.

What’s New in Zoho CRM 2014?

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords allows you to measure a customer’s journey from the click to the conversions. It pulls the AdWords campaigns data into CRM, and exports the offline conversion data from CRM to AdWords. This integration also provides you with the ROI of each ad campaign, giving you a clear picture of the campaigns to invest and the ones to discard. Read More


CRM View

The CRM View intelligently scans your customers according to their stages in the sales cycle. It’s categorized based on the leads, customers and potential customers, which gives you a fair idea of the activities that demand your attention. The CRM View is going to be available across all the modules, starting off with Activities, Social and Visits.


Social Selling

With the new Social tab, you can listen to customer conversations over social media and engage with them right from your CRM account. The CRM View for Social helps you identify which tweets and Facebook posts are coming from existing customers, from prospects and from unknown contacts. So now you can easily connect with prospects and build better customer relationships without leaving your CRM account. Read More


Visitor Tracking

Website visitors are the hottest prospects for any business. And with Visitor Tracking, you can turn more website visitors into qualified leads. Visitor Tracking gives you complete visibility into the online activities of your customers and prospects such as the pages navigated, the duration of each website visit and the actions performed on each page. With CRM View for Visitor Tracking, you can prioritize your prospects list and plan your conversations before contacting them. Read More



Feeds give you instant insights into what’s happening in your sales pipeline. It takes Sales Tracking to the next level by allowing you to follow prospects that matter the most to your business. A centralized location for communication, Feeds give you the flexibility to work as groups, share attachments, send direct messages and to post statuses. Read More


Integration with Zoho Survey

You can now regularly schedule surveys, automate and distribute them right from Zoho CRM. The survey results are shown contextually within CRM, giving you better insights on the customers’ needs and to chart out an effective strategy for customer retention. Read More


Integration with Zoho Projects

Get your project management system inside Zoho CRM. Manage the entire customer lifecycle – right from generating leads to closing deals and executing projects – from one place. Track the progress of a project i.e., the tasks, the milestones and the issues right from your CRM account. Read More


Integration with Hosted PBX

Zoho PhoneBridge is now integrated with Twilio and Ringio. So you can make and receive calls from CRM, set up IVR menu configuration depending on your organization’s needs, associate activities after a call, add notes and do lots more! Read More

If you would like further information, a free business assessment of how Zoho CRM can benefit your business or a free trial please contact us!

Drive your Business Growth with Zoho CRM Training


zoho-alliance-partnerWhat is ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that describes a suite of tools to help you manage your customer database, in order to measure, record, automate and schedule business activities.

How can CRM help me grow my business?

Customer Relationship Management helps record and track sales enquiries or ‘leads’ through your business. Whether you generate leads from trade shows, email marketing, your website, networking or any other source, you can measure which marketing activity works for you. You can also categorise organisations in your CRM database by any number of factors, including industry, size, lead source or indeed any of your own criteria, enabling you to market to people more effectively. You can also update sales opportunities and track them through the sales process.

How can CRM help my staff?

Each of the individuals and organisations have a record in the system within which you can manage tasks, meetings and communications such as calls, emails and social media. The records are easy to navigate to and find so that you and your colleagues know exactly what is going on within each lead, contact, account or opportunity. You can also attach files, record notes and mail merge mass documents or emails inserting the data from the system to save time.

Who is Zoho?

Zoho has developed a range of Cloud Applications, including Zoho CRM, the world’s leading platform for Small Businesses. Zoho also offer a wide range of complimentary applications including Email & Social Media Marketing, Project Management, Customer Support and Human Resources in addition to a wide range of integrations into other systems such as Email, Accounting and E-Commerce.

Course Details:

Location and Time:

The Courtyard Hotel
West St
NN9 6QY Stanwick
United Kingdom

Wednesday 22nd October, 10am till 1.30 pm.


This course will benefit anyone new to Zoho CRM or anyone who has not received any formal CRM process training.

Course Objectives 
On completion of this course, attendees will understand the general principles of the Zoho CRM system, the terminology and the processes involved in correctly detailing the relationship with a customer.  Not only to ensure that opportunities are not missed but also to keep consistent and professional when conversing with the potential/client, by having the most up to date account information to hand.

Course Outline

General Principles

  • What is the Zoho CRM system?
  • Screen layout · Search Process
  • Understanding the Homepage
  • Terminology

Process Maps

  • The CRM Process from business card to client


  • Tasks and Telephone Calls
  • Attaching files to records
  • Assigning tasks to other users
  • Calendar activities


  • Adding new Leads
  • Adding Activities with Leads
  • Change the status of a Lead
  • Convert a Lead


  • Adding activities with trading Customers
  • Filtering lists
  • Editing and saving records


  • Adding new Contacts
  • Adding Activities with Contacts
  • Understanding related records


  • Question and Answer session


Please note that 2 x 15 minute breaks have been allocated in the timings for this course.  The training will be delivered using “Out of the box” Zoho functionality. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be provided.

How will the new flexible working changes affect your business?


A recent change in the law now gives all employees the right to request flexible working. But what does this really mean and how will it impact upon your business?

Firstly, this is a change that is more about closing a loophole than anything else. There has never been a law to say that employees cannot ask about flexible working. However, there was a law stating that carers and those looking after children could request flexible working. This change will prevent future claims of discrimination against non-carers. In reality this means that anyone can request flexible working from their employer, who in turn has an obligation to provide it, and certainly should not actively discriminate against it.

Flexible working has increased significantly in recent years, in fact, according to the TUC last year, the number of people working from home has increased by 13 per cent in the last five years. According to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills around 20 million workers will be able to request flexible working provision. Whilst flexible working is not right for every business or everyone within a business, for many people it can provide a solution to improving work life balance, increasing productivity and helping with things such as childcare.

One of the main challenges in providing delivering flexible working is providing secure access to company IT systems such as Email, Files and Communications. The paradox of having to open up your critical IT Systems to remote users, whilst protecting your data and information is something that requires significant thought for each organisation, not to mention user training, equipment and also access to decent broadband.

That said, with the increased adoption of Cloud Technology, improvements in Fixed & Mobile Broadband and the proliferation of Smartphones & Tablet devices in the work place, you can now access information from pretty much anywhere. All of your key business tools such as Email, Calendars, Documents, Telephony, Accounting and Marketing applications can run over the internet, from the office, home or on the move.

How can we help? 

iSuite is currently offering a free of charge flexible working consultation, consisting of an initial assessment followed up with a full report to detail the potential cost savings, risks and benefits to your business. We can also offer a range of solutions to help your business offer flexible working to your employees. If you would like to book a consultation please  contact us.

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Microsoft support has ended for XP & 2003!

If you know anyone or any organisation that is still using Windows XP, Office 2003 or Windows Server 2003, if they don’t know already, then please make them aware that Microsoft support ended on the 8th April 2014. Now is a great time to review your upgrade options with iSuite an approved Microsoft Partner.
Microsoft Windows 8 – Provide a consistent mobile experience across PCs & devices Give your employees the flexibility to work wherever they need to be, while offering a consistent, personalized experience across PC’s, Tablets and Phones, with up to date Microsoft Windows 8 devices and operating systems. Find out more...
Microsoft Office 365  – Respond faster to customers and be more productive Ensure your staff can reliably access their productivity tools and documents across devices, while traveling or at a customer site, by utilizing the latest Office 365 suite of device software and online services. Find out more…

Windows Server 2012 – Enable easy remote access to files and applications Provide simple and secure remote access, to your files and business applications, either on premise or hosted, while having the peace of mind that your data is protected and available, with modern Microsoft Windows Server software. Find out more…
If you know anyone who would like free advice about the latest software from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office 2013

and Windows Server 2012, or Cloud Services such as Office 365, please contact us!

Microsoft Support for XP and 2003 – Less than 4 weeks to go!

Microsoft support ends in 4 weeks! 

If you know anyone or any organisation that is still using Windows XP, Office 2003 or Windows Server 2003, if they don’t know already, then please make them aware that Microsoft support ends on the 8th April 2014.

iSuite is providing free consultations to advise on the impact and the potential options:

Continue with XP and Office 2003 – If you continue to use Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003, the road ahead will be tough and full of disadvantages for your business.
Read more

Upgrade to new Windows and Office – When you upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003, you get many advantages that mark a new beginning for how you run your business.
Read more

Get Exclusive Benefits – Enjoy discounts when you upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003 to the latest software and free advice from iSuite, a Microsoft Partner.

If you know anyone who would like free advice about the latest software from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office 2013 and Windows Server 2012, or Cloud Services such as Office 365, please contact us!

Best wishes, the iSuite Team….

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