iSuite supply, install and support a wide range of Data Cabling solutions.

data-cablingCat 5 and Cat 6 Copper Cabling

Connect your Laptops, Desktops and Servers to speeds of  1 Gigabit per second and 10 Gigabits per second with Category 5 and Category 6 Cabling.

fibre-optic-cablingFibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling Storage Area Networks, Data Rooms or for longer distances and links between buildings or to isolate electrical phases.


Wireless Access Points and IP Camera Installation

Gain access to high speed Wireless Access and protect your business with IP CCTV Cameras that can be discretely installed into the network cabling.

data-cabinetsData Cabinets and Server Racks

Ensure your IT equipment such as Servers, Network Switches and Routers are securely contained with our range of Racks and Cabinets with Power and Data cable management.

audio-visualAudio Visual and Video Conferencing Suites

Provide a professional environment for meeting rooms and audio visual suites with AV Cabling, Projectors and Screens professionally installed.

desk-cablingDesk Cable Management Solutions

Provide a clean, tidy and safe working environment that looks professional with Power and Data Network cable management for desks.