IT Security

Given the increase in IT Security threats in recent times the need to protect your business information and IT systems is more vital than ever.

Features and Benefits

Minimise your business risk

Reduce your risk and exposure to threats by allowing iSuite to provide complete Managed Security and Firewall management, including Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

Protect your business information

Keep a check on potential vulnerabilities with iSuite’s state of the art Vulnerability Testing tools and ongoing threat prevention services.

Ensure your business is compliant

Ensure your business information and IT Systems are kept safe with robust and secure procedures and policy management.

Our Solutions

Firewalls and Security Hardware

Protect your network with the latest Security Appliances, Firewalls and Security Hardware with Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

Anti Spam, Antivirus and Anti Malware

Shield your business from unwanted threats with the latest Anti-Spam, Antivirus and Anti Malware services from the leading providers, with alerts and threat management.

Managed Security and Threat Management

Protect your employees and minimise your business risk through Managed Security Services, Vulnerability Management and Threat Prevention.