Microsoft support has ended for XP & 2003!

Microsoft support has ended for XP & 2003!

If you know anyone or any organisation that is still using Windows XP, Office 2003 or Windows Server 2003, if they don’t know already, then please make them aware that Microsoft support ended on the 8th April 2014. Now is a great time to review your upgrade options with iSuite an approved Microsoft Partner.
Microsoft Windows 8 – Provide a consistent mobile experience across PCs & devices Give your employees the flexibility to work wherever they need to be, while offering a consistent, personalized experience across PC’s, Tablets and Phones, with up to date Microsoft Windows 8 devices and operating systems. Find out more...
Microsoft Office 365  – Respond faster to customers and be more productive Ensure your staff can reliably access their productivity tools and documents across devices, while traveling or at a customer site, by utilizing the latest Office 365 suite of device software and online services. Find out more…

Windows Server 2012 – Enable easy remote access to files and applications Provide simple and secure remote access, to your files and business applications, either on premise or hosted, while having the peace of mind that your data is protected and available, with modern Microsoft Windows Server software. Find out more…
If you know anyone who would like free advice about the latest software from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office 2013

and Windows Server 2012, or Cloud Services such as Office 365, please contact us!

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