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What’s New in Zoho CRM 2014?

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords allows you to measure a customer’s journey from the click to the conversions. It pulls the AdWords campaigns data into CRM, and exports the offline conversion data from CRM to AdWords. This integration also provides you with the ROI of each ad campaign, giving you a clear picture of the campaigns to invest and the ones to discard. Read More


CRM View

The CRM View intelligently scans your customers according to their stages in the sales cycle. It’s categorized based on the leads, customers and potential customers, which gives you a fair idea of the activities that demand your attention. The CRM View is going to be available across all the modules, starting off with Activities, Social and Visits.


Social Selling

With the new Social tab, you can listen to customer conversations over social media and engage with them right from your CRM account. The CRM View for Social helps you identify which tweets and Facebook posts are coming from existing customers, from prospects and from unknown contacts. So now you can easily connect with prospects and build better customer relationships without leaving your CRM account. Read More


Visitor Tracking

Website visitors are the hottest prospects for any business. And with Visitor Tracking, you can turn more website visitors into qualified leads. Visitor Tracking gives you complete visibility into the online activities of your customers and prospects such as the pages navigated, the duration of each website visit and the actions performed on each page. With CRM View for Visitor Tracking, you can prioritize your prospects list and plan your conversations before contacting them. Read More



Feeds give you instant insights into what’s happening in your sales pipeline. It takes Sales Tracking to the next level by allowing you to follow prospects that matter the most to your business. A centralized location for communication, Feeds give you the flexibility to work as groups, share attachments, send direct messages and to post statuses. Read More


Integration with Zoho Survey

You can now regularly schedule surveys, automate and distribute them right from Zoho CRM. The survey results are shown contextually within CRM, giving you better insights on the customers’ needs and to chart out an effective strategy for customer retention. Read More


Integration with Zoho Projects

Get your project management system inside Zoho CRM. Manage the entire customer lifecycle – right from generating leads to closing deals and executing projects – from one place. Track the progress of a project i.e., the tasks, the milestones and the issues right from your CRM account. Read More


Integration with Hosted PBX

Zoho PhoneBridge is now integrated with Twilio and Ringio. So you can make and receive calls from CRM, set up IVR menu configuration depending on your organization’s needs, associate activities after a call, add notes and do lots more! Read More

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Microsoft support has ended for XP & 2003!

If you know anyone or any organisation that is still using Windows XP, Office 2003 or Windows Server 2003, if they don’t know already, then please make them aware that Microsoft support ended on the 8th April 2014. Now is a great time to review your upgrade options with iSuite an approved Microsoft Partner.
Microsoft Windows 8 – Provide a consistent mobile experience across PCs & devices Give your employees the flexibility to work wherever they need to be, while offering a consistent, personalized experience across PC’s, Tablets and Phones, with up to date Microsoft Windows 8 devices and operating systems. Find out more...
Microsoft Office 365  – Respond faster to customers and be more productive Ensure your staff can reliably access their productivity tools and documents across devices, while traveling or at a customer site, by utilizing the latest Office 365 suite of device software and online services. Find out more…

Windows Server 2012 – Enable easy remote access to files and applications Provide simple and secure remote access, to your files and business applications, either on premise or hosted, while having the peace of mind that your data is protected and available, with modern Microsoft Windows Server software. Find out more…
If you know anyone who would like free advice about the latest software from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office 2013

and Windows Server 2012, or Cloud Services such as Office 365, please contact us!

Microsoft Support for XP and 2003 – Less than 4 weeks to go!

Microsoft support ends in 4 weeks! 

If you know anyone or any organisation that is still using Windows XP, Office 2003 or Windows Server 2003, if they don’t know already, then please make them aware that Microsoft support ends on the 8th April 2014.

iSuite is providing free consultations to advise on the impact and the potential options:

Continue with XP and Office 2003 – If you continue to use Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003, the road ahead will be tough and full of disadvantages for your business.
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Upgrade to new Windows and Office – When you upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003, you get many advantages that mark a new beginning for how you run your business.
Read more

Get Exclusive Benefits – Enjoy discounts when you upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003 to the latest software and free advice from iSuite, a Microsoft Partner.

If you know anyone who would like free advice about the latest software from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office 2013 and Windows Server 2012, or Cloud Services such as Office 365, please contact us!

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PWM partners with iSuite for Zoho CRM


PWM Training provides a range of IT Training services to small businesses and corporates covering Microsoft products such as Office and Sharepoint.

“When we decided to expand the business, we started making lots of contacts, and had enquiries coming in from various offers and events. We didn’t have a complete history of a client relationship or all correspondences. We were worried about appearing very unprofessional. After speaking to our supplier partner, iSuite, about Zoho CRM, it was like all our Christmases had come at once. Everything was available online: all the client relationship history, meetings, emails telephone calls; the success of our campaigns; the ability to create and see all company booking forms and view and edit all regions’ sales orders and invoices”.

Kerry Purdy – Director, PWM Training Ltd

If you would like further information please contact us:

CRM Applications Solutions – iSuite – 03333 44 10 12 – CRM Training Services – PWM Training – 01536 540 064 –

iSuite delivers Cloud Services over Satellite Broadband with C & R Technologies


iSuite has partnered with Wireless and Satellite Broadband specialists C & R Technologies, to deliver Cloud Services including Voice over IP (VoIP)Cloud Apps and Collaboration. “One of the key challenges for Rural Businesses is connectivity, and with the improvement in reliability, throughput and latency, Satellite is now a compelling option” commented Stuart Smith from iSuite. “Many Rural Businesses still have poor connectivity, however what has surprised us is the number of organisations in Urban areas which need this”. A recent project has involved the delivery of a Wireless IP Voice & Fax solution over Satellite Broadband for a Wind Farm in Scotland. For further information please contact iSuite on 03333 440888 or C&R Technologies on 0800 298 9368.

iSuite launches training division with PWM

iSuite has linked up with expert training provider PWM Training to offer a range of remote and on site training solutions. The first training program to be launched is for Zoho CRM and includes training for Telemarketers, Salespeople and Administrators. As part of the initial sessions, iSuite is offering a 50% discount for a 3 hour pilot session aimed at up to 8 attendees. For further information please contact us. PWM also offer expert training courses for a range of products including the Microsoft Office Suite and Sharepoint, and we intend to launch further training solutions together in the future.

Zoho receives CRM Magazine’s Market Leader Award

And the winner is… Zoho CRM! Zoho CRM was awarded by The  2012 Market Awards as the winner in the Small Business Suite category. Conducted by the CRM Magazine, this award rates the top 5 vendors in every category based on a number of factors  including customer satisfaction, product functionality and market share. Zoho stepped up its game and stole top spot as our winner with a 4.5 for cost and a 4.0 for functionality. Analysts had plenty of positive things to say about this vendor.

“Zoho CRM is cost-effective, easy to use, and continues to add on attractive functionality priced like an a la carte menu, which enables smaller businesses to scale as necessary,” says Leslie Ament, senior analyst and vice president of Hypatia Research Group. John Ragsdale, vice president of technology research for the Technology Services Industry Association, counted Zoho among the “rising stars” for small-business CRM. This year, Zoho gave its user interface a full facelift, added a plethora of features like Pulse for internal collaboration, came out with myriad mobile integrations, and integrated Zoho Support with Facebook and Twitter.

For the small business that requires functionality at a price it can afford, “Zoho is emerging as a very strong candidate,” Schneider says. Zoho has that disruptive star quality, he points out, adding that “ disrupted the Siebels of the world and [now you see] Zoho disrupting Salesforce” in on-demand, small-business CRM.

It’s not just the Small Business Suite category; we were also rated as the “One to Watch” in the Sales Force Automation category.

A newcomer to the SFA ranks this year, >Zoho nudged its way onto our radar screen to take the title of One to Watch. Ament says this is a company with small-business know-how, offering solutions that serve as “an attractive option for businesses requiring basic marketing, customer support, Web conferencing, and sales force automation functionality.” There’s something to be said for getting back to basics. “Zoho is emerging as a very strong candidate for the space…where people just want ‘enough’” to seamlessly close the deal, Schneider explains.