Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IPVoIP Telephony

Reduce your call and line costs, present a professional image and never miss business calls with on-premise and hosted IP Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions.

Voice over IP

Call Packages

Benefit from cost effective call packages and low national and international call rates. Plus obtain telephone numbers for Marketing campaigns, national and international locations.

Voice over IP

IP Fax

Receive faxes as scanned attachments and send faxes from any email enabled device with professional cover pages, all without the need for dedicated fax machines or analogue telephone lines.

Voice over IPMobile Sim

Answer and make business landline telephone calls on your mobile, and access your deskphone features on any standard mobile with no need for smartphone or internet capability.

Voice over IPUnified Communications

Receive your voicemails and missed call notifications via email, so that you can respond to them wherever you are. Voicemails can be archived with your emails for compliance.

Voice over IPVoIP Apps

Gain access to your corporate phone system on your smartphone, tablet or laptop with a range of VoIP Apps, and integrate into tools such as Email clients and CRM.