Drive your Business Growth with Zoho CRM Training

Drive your Business Growth with Zoho CRM Training


zoho-alliance-partnerWhat is ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that describes a suite of tools to help you manage your customer database, in order to measure, record, automate and schedule business activities.

How can CRM help me grow my business?

Customer Relationship Management helps record and track sales enquiries or ‘leads’ through your business. Whether you generate leads from trade shows, email marketing, your website, networking or any other source, you can measure which marketing activity works for you. You can also categorise organisations in your CRM database by any number of factors, including industry, size, lead source or indeed any of your own criteria, enabling you to market to people more effectively. You can also update sales opportunities and track them through the sales process.

How can CRM help my staff?

Each of the individuals and organisations have a record in the system within which you can manage tasks, meetings and communications such as calls, emails and social media. The records are easy to navigate to and find so that you and your colleagues know exactly what is going on within each lead, contact, account or opportunity. You can also attach files, record notes and mail merge mass documents or emails inserting the data from the system to save time.

Who is Zoho?

Zoho has developed a range of Cloud Applications, including Zoho CRM, the world’s leading platform for Small Businesses. Zoho also offer a wide range of complimentary applications including Email & Social Media Marketing, Project Management, Customer Support and Human Resources in addition to a wide range of integrations into other systems such as Email, Accounting and E-Commerce.

Course Details:

Location and Time:

The Courtyard Hotel
West St
NN9 6QY Stanwick
United Kingdom

Wednesday 22nd October, 10am till 1.30 pm.


This course will benefit anyone new to Zoho CRM or anyone who has not received any formal CRM process training.

Course Objectives 
On completion of this course, attendees will understand the general principles of the Zoho CRM system, the terminology and the processes involved in correctly detailing the relationship with a customer.  Not only to ensure that opportunities are not missed but also to keep consistent and professional when conversing with the potential/client, by having the most up to date account information to hand.

Course Outline

General Principles

  • What is the Zoho CRM system?
  • Screen layout · Search Process
  • Understanding the Homepage
  • Terminology

Process Maps

  • The CRM Process from business card to client


  • Tasks and Telephone Calls
  • Attaching files to records
  • Assigning tasks to other users
  • Calendar activities


  • Adding new Leads
  • Adding Activities with Leads
  • Change the status of a Lead
  • Convert a Lead


  • Adding activities with trading Customers
  • Filtering lists
  • Editing and saving records


  • Adding new Contacts
  • Adding Activities with Contacts
  • Understanding related records


  • Question and Answer session


Please note that 2 x 15 minute breaks have been allocated in the timings for this course.  The training will be delivered using “Out of the box” Zoho functionality. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be provided.

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